Law & Order

The Republican Party brand is best known for supporting public safety.   We support Law Enforcement and advocate for community and law enforcement unity.   Overwhelming statistics conclude that when the community and law enforcement work together, the benefits is amplified.  When local communities and police officers join forces to make streets safer, it is a  win-win partnership.    With the current increase in violent crimes, shootings, burglaries, robberies, and mugging all over the city, no one feels safe.   Crime is out of control and it is an important concern for all citizens.

We do not support no-bail reform laws that are influencing the current wave of violence and crime.   We advocate that the courts should decide who is entitled to receive no bail.  We support that violent and repeat offenders should not be allowed in the streets to prey on victims.   We call on the New York State Governor to end no-bail reforms.

Uptown Republicans advocate for additional funding to build mental health care in a private setting.  Prisons should not be handling the mentally ill and sick.  Humane and effective mental illness management should be a priority and a way to mitigate unexpected street violence or crime.    Mental Illness is a quality of life issue that needs immediate action.     It needs the basic human requirement called empathy to be addressed appropriately by our local officials.


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