Who we are

It will be best to describe this collective effort as a grassroot movement. We are concerned citizens who are witnessing the deterioration of our fundamental values. The one party system in New York City is anti-democracy, insensitive to the needs of our community that elected them to public office   No check and balance or accountability to corruption or incompetence, because it is the same party that is expected to hold its leaders accountable. This is a serious concern that is shared by Democrats, Republicans, and all citizens who value the basic foundations of who we are as a civilization.

This grassroot movement main goal is to empower parents to have more control on their children education and to oppose the cancel culture that is dominating the public-school curriculum.   We need to return to the fundamental values of who we are as a human specie and culture.   We support Law & Order, Election Integrity and Open Primaries, Noise reduction, relief for struggling small businesses, good schools, tenant rights, and oppose everything that is currently dysfunctional with our municipal government.     If you share similar concerns, please join us to fight for a better future.

Our Story in Timeline

The Republican Party, Grand Old Party (GOP) began as an anti-slavery movement.   We have accumulated significant experience in advocating for the oppressed and have gained the wisdom necessary to fiscally responsible govern municipal and state governments.    New York City is in chaos if you haven’t noticed.  Our city can only be saved with a change from the radical left total failed social experiments to an optimistic government model.