Abraham Lincoln

President Abraham Lincoln is the Republican party most recognized face in today’s GOP.   He is the Republican Party’s candidate’s role model.    He was the 16th President of the United States.   As the first Republican president, he was a Federalist.    He strongly advocated for continued federal law, the US Constitution, and the beginning of a strong Union.   Born on February 12, 1909, In Hardin County Kentucky, Abraham was the son of a Kentucky frontiersman.      He is one of the most colorful and interesting figures of  American History.    The White House presidential archives discuss his difficult journey to the White House:

“Lincoln made extraordinary efforts to attain knowledge while working on a farm, splitting rails for fences, and keeping store at New Salem, Illinois.   He was a captain in the Black Hawk War, spent eight years in the Illinois legislature, and rode the circuit of courts for many years.  His law partner said of him, “His ambition was a little engine that knew no rest.”   To read the entire archive, please visit this page.

His most important accomplishment and legacy include building a strong national Republican Party.   He successfully persuaded pro-Slavery friendly Northern Democrats to join the Union.   In January 1, 1863 he issued the Emancipation Proclamation that declared forever free those slaves within the Confederacy, read the entire document here

To learn more about this pivotal point in American History, Abraham Lincoln and opponent Democrat Stephen Douglas’s political debates are classic.   The 1858 debates transcripts can be found here