Support Our Popular Movement

Join Us to save Northern Manhattan.   The fight for the heart, soul, and vote of our community depends on strong community support.  There are three ways to support this Grassroot Movement.   One way is to join us as a member of Northern Manhattan Republicans.     Participate in our meetings and share your vision of a safer, cleaner, better-managed city with less corruption.  Together we can end the one-party system and arrogance.  The second best way to take back our city and establish a pro-citizen government is to become a volunteer.  As a volunteer, your voice will matter.  Your efforts and accomplishment will be rewarded.  Most importantly, your volunteer work can be arranged during your flexible hours.   Third and most importantly, if you can’t join us in person, please provide a generous donation.   The donation will cover the cost of purchasing information literature, office supplies, and basic needs for our volunteers (water, metro card, food….etc).    A generous monthly recurrent financial support will contribute to and build a strong community outreach program all over Uptown Manhattan.

Finally, participate in one of many upcoming fundraising events.   Please, host a fundraiser among co-workers, family, and or friends.

Contribute Take Action- Save Our State

Your contribution will help us to serve an ignored community.   Help us better improve the lives of neglected Senior citizens who are living in isolation.   Open a community dialogue that can often communicate often with abandoned senior citizens living with physical impairment and in isolation.   Your contribution will help to launch literacy programs and after-school programs, such as resuscitating Boys and Girls Scouts community programs.    These programs support self-esteem leading to good citizenship.   The program will help our youth to reject the woke and cancel culture indoctrination of our children in public schools.