edwin_de_la_cruz candiate for New York Council District 10 election cycle 2021 portrait
A senior disabled citizen is receiving assistance from a friendly and smiling nurse.
Two Arab Couples. One deplay a traditional clothing and the second one is a modern Arab couple showing a friendly smile
Litle Girl posing
A Green color street sign in Harlem. The signs read Lenox Avenue and in the bottom sign in Green color it read Malcolm X Blvd.
Subway Wall decoration with old fashioned tiles
A young woman in the cold sad and covered by a plastic bag while sitting on the street pvaement.
Homeless man is sleeping on the sidewalk of a busy avenue in the middle of the night, covered by a blanket.
Two female hands holding a newly growing tree.
Diligent Pupils in an elementary school
school bully or bullies bullying a sad girl leaning against a wall full of graffiti
Asian Boy Scouts ceremony
An antique black and white picture of Abraham Lincoln
Mother and Daughter together
Young caucasian woman is smiling in the front of an oven while removing baked products from oven. She is wearing a white apron.
A hand holding a digital wheel of blockchain in green color network of computers
Mechanic is repairing an engine by holding a wrench with his right hand.
A Manhattan side view of the George Washington Bridge looking at Ft. Lee New Jersey and heavy traffic
Police Office arrresting a youngman.
A business woman is wearing a covid 19 mask to protec her self from contamination of Covid -19. She is sad and stressed due to business closing.
Angry woman holding her hands up in anger while screaming
Three senior citizens siting in one park bench smiling and enjoying themselves. Two women wearing reading glasses and one man wearing a straw beige hat, and holding a walking cane.
two students sitting down on a concrete floor and leaning against a concrete wall and sharing class notes
A woden arrow sign indicating the directrioins to the "next steps". The background is a blue water lake and a isolated road.
A linear sequence of Dominoes
4th of July envening celebration of America's birhday.
The cloiser national park located in Northern Manhattan Washington Heights/Inwood Communities. Solitary view with arches and pillars
rural town sitting benches outside of voting location reading Republican with Red color and Democrats with blue color.