Ronald Reagan 1980’s Decade

President Ronald Reagan is one of today’s most notable and respected Republican Presidents.   The 40th President was a successful actor and filmmaker.   His successful career and charismatic personality in films earned him the name recognition necessary to overwhelmingly receive the popular vote nationwide.   As the governor of the State of California, his achievements were legendary.    During his two-term, 1981 to 1989, witnessed the total destruction of most of the Democratic social-economic groups in existence.  He shared the common bond with all his previous Republican Presidents that peace through strength is the key to prosperity and peace.    This Foreign Policy further the Cold War, causing the end of the Soviet Union.   His domestic policy fixed the Oil Crisis that was created by President Jimmy Carter.

President Reagan was born on February 6, 1911, to Nelle and John Reagan in Tampico, Illinois.   He worked his way through Eureka College.  As an undergraduate college student, he studied economics and sociology, played on the Football Team, and acted in several school plays.   To learn more about this legendary Republican President, please visit the White House Presidential Archives here