Tenant Eviction Protection

The post-pandemic housing crisis was a challenge to the majority of New Yorkers.    The controversial lockdowns of society forced the average New Yorker to stay home.  Consequently, loss of income and networking opportunities contributed to significant financial hardship.   The impossible conditions to earn a living forced thousands of responsible New Yorkers to fall behind on their rent or maintenance payments.    Popular government programs to assist low to medium-income families were not enough to save residents from potential eviction.    The risk of Tenant Eviction is a financial challenge to most New Yorkers who live with no savings.

We stand behind low and middle-income working families who are facing evictions.   We advocate for legal representation in housing court.  We are exploring the possibility of collaborating with experts in the field of housing law as a means to brainstorm solutions to difficult problems.    Forging alliances with local private and public schools law schools to use second-year law students to research case law that is specific to the tenant’s challenge, and provide assistance in completing forms and understanding the Unified Court Procedure.


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