Employment & Internships for College Students

We have built a network to support college and high school students find federal and local competitive internship opportunities.   These opportunities are on a local or national level with Federal Agencies, such as the Department of Agriculture and Congress.    In the private sector, conglomerates in the technology industry, such as Facebook, Google…etc.   Uptown Republicans Club is proud to team with San Antonio, Texas-based Hispanic Association of College and University  (HACU).   To learn more about these unique professional opportunities, please visit HACU website.   To file an application with HACU National Internship Program for Federal Agencies opportunities, please go here.   To file an application in the HACU National Internship  Program Corporate, please go here.   The staff at HACU is diverse, professional, and dedicated to providing assistance to all applicants.

As Uptown Republicans Club accumulate resources, matures, and network with the private, non-profit, and government sectors, we will introduce to all students residing in Northern Manhattan a pilot program to consider duplicating HACU’s success at a municipal and state level.

To all college and high school students searching for an internship opportunity or a helping hand to start their professional careers, please continue to visit this page for future updates.

A unique program with empathy and a big heart by Uptown Republicans members is a second chance in life program.   This program will prepare currently incarcerated non-violent offenders with valuable employment/career training skills.   Inmates who are selected to participate in this program will start training one year before their scheduled release.    The participants will have an opportunity to start a second chance in life at a career by building professional skills, such as cybersecurity, blockchain, computer programming, website developers, and software troubleshooting, are only a few of the many possibilities.   Blue-collar job training, such as electricity, carpentry, welding, and  auto mechanics is expected to have a positive impact in society.    Other opportunities include assistance and no-cost training to acquire a Commercial Drivers License for commercial transportation of goods nationwide.

The second chance in life program has the potential to be effective in reducing poverty by giving an opportunity to the poor in the district to earn a great income.  Most importantly, is that it will allow former inmates and their families to enter the middle class with a positive future ahead.    This opportunity can return the dignity and self-esteem that is lost when a citizen receives hand-outs with no physical impediment.

To successfully begin this program, it will need support from all constituents and small business communities.  It needs to be a bi-participant effort.  We need to aggressively pursue grants by targeting all appropriate foundations.   Other important resources include volunteers and financial contributions to prepare and publish career instruction manuals.


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