Election Integrity

The pillar of our democracy and effective government is supported by fair and legally conducted elections.   Adding 135,000 test ballots to the actual vote count in the Mayor election cycle of 2021 to benefit one competing campaign is no error.   This is a serious concern that casts doubt on the neutrality of elections.   What if no one detected those ballots?   To learn more about this event, please visit the New York Times article here.    We support immutable technologies to replace the actual ballot count controversial mechanism.    Cost-effective technologies that will make it impossible to interfere in the election count.    We support the integrity of each election when safeguards, such as registered voter identification, are presented before voting.

We support open primary elections.    Open primary elections allow full participation of all voters who are residing in a one-party dominant government.    Currently, about 22 states (mostly Republican states) allow their citizens to participate in clean and democratically energized open primary elections.    An open primary is best defined as an election process that doesn’t require registered voters to be officially affiliated with a particular party.    It is an election that lets a voter change their party affiliation before voting by introducing legal and acceptable credentials.    Open primaries will energize New York municipal and state elections and increase its voter participation and turnout.

Other election integrity technologies to safeguard elections include the adoption of blockchain immutable technology to replace about 80% of voting scanners and booths.   This technology will increase voter turnout and confidence and save over 70 million in taxpayer contributions.

We advocate for a special clause in the New York State constitution to reverse elections. Currently, there are too many elected officials who are abusing power and the constitution that they took an oath to protect.    Election Reverse allows the public petition to remove rogue and corrupt elected officials that are protected in the one-party super majority


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