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Senior Citizens Protection

Senior Citizens Protection

Senior Citizens are the jewel and wealth of our districts.     Since 2010, the out-of-control living expenses is a contributing factor to an exodus to Florida, Pennsylvania, Dominican Republic, New Jersey, and other boroughs such as The Bronx.    Among these increases in monthly fixed expenses is housing.   The gentrification of our neighborhoods and elected officials’ strong support for property developers, landlords, and the wealthy are directly pushing seniors away in search of affordable living conditions.

Northern Manhattan Republicans Grassroot Movement is grateful for all the wealth, community activism, love, and wisdom that we have gained from our elderly family members, and senior citizens’ neighbors.   Supporting our senior citizens and protecting laws that benefit them is a paramount objective.  Our club opens the door to non-existent possibilities, such as providing assistance to all senior citizens in need of a helping hand.     If a senior citizen is living in isolation, with no family members living in the vicinity, we can arrange weekly phone calls.   We are flexible enough to connect you with city agencies that are dedicated to helping the elderly and or disabled.    Because of the increase in violent crime, we can arrange to escort you to safety when visiting a medical provider or returning home.    Seniors and the disabled are considered easy prey and attracted targets by local thugs.


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